Leverage a Comprehensive Portfolio of ELISA Kits

Choose from hundreds of ELISA kits to measure analytes in therapeutic areas including immunology, diabetes and obesity, infectious disease, gastroenterology, allergy, and more.

Chemiluminescent and Colorimetric Plate-Based Assays  

ALPCO offers hundreds of Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits in many therapeutic areas for researchers and clinicians worldwide. Our technical support staff is available to guide and troubleshoot as needed. Kits are optimized for performance and ease of use and are available to measure analytes in:

  • Diverse sample types and species
  • Colorimetric or chemiluminescent formats
  • Manual or automated workflows

Featured Plate-Based Immunoassays  

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Specialty Areas for Plate-based Immunoassays

Specialty AllergySpecialty Allergy

Specialty Allergy

Allergens, pathogens, and foreign particles can exaggerate immune responses. ALPCO offers exclusive platforms, allergy assays, and other products for the detection of allergen sensitization, including the MADx ALEX2 multiplex IgE platform.



Our automated testing solutions provide insights into the digestive system with a growing menu of gastroenterology assays for molecular diagnostics and immunodiagnostics. Get insights for a variety of diseases that affect the intestinal tract.

Infectious DiseaseInfectious Disease

Infectious Disease

ALPCO offers a wide range of infectious disease assays and products that help scientists understand the interactions between invading microbes and the immune system. Our GeneProof products help detect STIs, respiratory, and blood-borne diseases.

Diabetes & ObesityDiabetes & Obesity

Diabetes & Obesity

These conditions are in constant need of new testing methods for advancements. ALPCO’s extensive selection of immunoassays and automated platforms can help identify key biomarkers and deliver new insights.



As researchers explore the relationship between the body, pathogens, and immunity, ALPCO and GeneProof are providing immunology assays and solutions that drive insights in transplantation, autoimmune disease, and the complement system.



The vast network of glands and hormones in our bodies is the key to many disorders targeted by researchers. We provide a portfolio of 100+ endocrinology assays in plate-based and automated random-access options.

Plate-based Immunoassay Resources

12 ELISA Tips and Tricks12 ELISA Tips and Tricks
12 ELISA Tips and Tricks: An Expert’s Guide to Improve Your Technique

The Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) is a proven sensitive method for detecting and quantifying specific biomarkers in a wide range of clinical and research samples.

6 Tips for Improving chemiluminescence ELISA precision6 Tips for Improving chemiluminescence ELISA precision
Chemiluminescence ELISA: 6 Tips for Improving Precision

Chemiluminescence ELISA technology offers enhanced sensitivity with a very broad dynamic range. However, consistency in assay technique is especially important to ensure 

Colorimetric and Chemiluminescence ELISAsColorimetric and Chemiluminescence ELISAs
A Comparison of Colorimetric and Chemiluminescence ELISAs

Are you curious about chemiluminescence ELISAs, but not exactly sure what they are, or how to use them? Our video A Comparison of Colorimetric

ELISA InstrumentationELISA Instrumentation
ELISA Instrumentation

Shifting from manual ELISA processing to automation helps reduce variability and improve analytical performance. ALPCO offers automation to optimize workflow, capacity, and productivity.

Explore all of our plate-based immunoassay resources

Resources to advance your discoveries 

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Product Docs
8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing an Allergy Testing Platform
1. What percentage of your IgE allergy testing panel consists of molecular allergens rather than allergen extracts? The ALEX2 IgE allergen panel consists of 117 extracts and 183 molecular allergens. This represents the largest panel of molecular allergens on the market, including 50 unique...
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Improving Food Elimination Diets with IgG Testing
Improving Food Elimination Diets with IgG Testing
Food sensitivity or food intolerance involves a non-allergic response to a food or food additive. In a recent on-line survey conducted in the U.S., 24% of adults aged 18 to 79 reported a food intolerance. While a food allergy is typically mediated by IgE antibodies, adverse reactions to food...
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Understanding IgE Allergy Test Results
Understanding IgE Allergy Test Results
Cases of food and environmental allergies have been increasing over the last decade. While conservative estimates suggest IgE-mediated allergy affects 6-8% of children and 2-3% of adults, some estimates are as high as 30%.3, 2 Symptoms can range from mild to severe and include itching, hives,...
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Recent posts

AutoPlex Automated Multiplex Biomarker Analysis
AutoPlex Automated Multiplex Biomarker Analysis
ALPCO’s automated multiplex assay, AutoPlex GI Panel, provides sensitive and accurate measurement of up to 5 GI biomarkers in human stool samples. The panel combines the workflow advantages of multiplexing with the proven reliability of traditional chemiluminescence sandwich immunoassays to enable...
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ALPCO's Superior Calprotectin Assay: Maximize Efficiency & Accuracy
ALPCO's Superior Calprotectin Assay: Maximize Efficiency & Accuracy
Reduce False Positives from 26% to 7%! An increase in clinical specificity, and a decrease in false positives, enables clinicians to better evaluate IBD/IBS patients. Clinicians can schedule follow-up colonoscopies for the patients that need it most and start IBS patients on the right treatment...
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Consolidate and Improve Calprotectin Testing on Clinical Chemistry Analyzers with ALPCO
Consolidate and Improve Calprotectin Testing on Clinical Chemistry Analyzers with ALPCO
For laboratories with a compatible clinical chemistry analyzer, upgrading to the calprotectin immunoturbidimetric assay can improve efficiency and generate additional capacity. Laboratories can potentially eliminate a CLIA system or simply create new capacity on that system by transferring...
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Biomarkers of Energy Homeostasis Brochure

Energy homeostasis is a focus of research into diabetes and obesity. Read about how our assays in this area can assist both academic and industry researchers.

Complement System Solutions for Drug Development and Clinical Research Datasheet

The complement system is essential to innate immunity from a variety of diseases. ALPCO’s full range of complement system immunoassays can drive discovery.

Melatonin Products for Sleep Disorder-Related Research Datasheet

The melatonin hormone affects the circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle. Find out about our immunoassays and products that explore melatonin and sleep disorders.

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