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ALPCO has been serving the needs of clinical researchers and clinical diagnostics labs for over 30 years, and we now offer a broad product menu of proprietary automated sample-to-answer platforms. We’re a global leader in immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics, with clinical diagnostic solutions for stool-based gastroenterology, infectious and genetic disease, autoimmune disease, and metabolic disorders.

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Specialty Allergy

Allergens, pathogens, and foreign particles can exaggerate immune responses. ALPCO offers exclusive platforms and products for the detection of allergen sensitization.


Multiple platform solutions for infectious diseases, cancers, inflammatory diseases, and non-IgE food intolerances affecting the intestinal tract.

Infectious Disease

Molecular solutions for the detection of sexually transmitted infections (STIs), respiratory viruses, thrombotic mutations, and blood-borne diseases.


Immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostic assays focused on transplantation,
autoimmune disease, and the complement system.

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Differentiating IBD from IBS with Fecal Calprotectin TestingDifferentiating IBD from IBS with Fecal Calprotectin Testing
Differentiating IBD from IBS with Fecal Calprotectin Testing

In an effort to improve patient care, an increasing number of gastroenterologists are using fecal calprotectin levels as a first step in the diagnosis of IBD versus IBS. 

GI HealthGI Health
Diagnostic Testing in GI Health Article

Clinical research in the field of gastroenterology continues to uncover underlying causes of gastrointestinal disease and expand diagnostic tests and treatments.

GeneProof PortfolioGeneProof Portfolio
GeneProof Product Portfolio

GeneProof offers technologically advanced real-time PCR kits and user-friendly automated instrument platforms for both nucleic acid extraction and sample-to-answer testing.

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