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ALPCO’s expertise and wide variety of platforms and products can enhance your research and diagnostics. Choose your area of focus and explore our extensive collection of resources, instruments, and assays.

Allergens, pathogens, and foreign particles can exaggerate immune responses. ALPCO offers exclusive platforms, allergy assays, and other products for the detection of allergen sensitization, including the MADx ALEX2 multiplex IgE platform.

Our automated testing solutions provide insights into the digestive system with a growing menu of gastroenterology assays for molecular diagnostics and immunodiagnostics. Get insights for a variety of diseases that affect the intestinal tract.

ALPCO offers a wide range of infectious disease assays and products that help scientists understand the interactions between invading microbes and the immune system. Our GeneProof products help detect STIs, respiratory, and blood-borne diseases.

These conditions are in constant need of new testing methods for advancements. ALPCO’s extensive selection of immunoassays and automated platforms can help identify key biomarkers and deliver new insights.

As researchers explore the relationship between the body, pathogens, and immunity, ALPCO and GeneProof are providing immunology assays and solutions that drive insights in transplantation, autoimmune disease, and the complement system.

The vast network of glands and hormones in our bodies is the key to many disorders targeted by researchers. We provide a portfolio of 100+ endocrinology assays in plate-based and automated random-access options.