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Whether you’re doing basic or translational life science research, you need ready access to the platforms, assays, products, and other tools that are essential to your work. ALPCO has been distributing, developing, and manufacturing the highest quality life science solutions for over 30 years, and our extensive range of products is matched by our comprehensive resources and deep expertise.

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Immunoassays for diabetes and related research optimized for multiple species and workflows.

Immunodiagnostics and molecular diagnostics to investigate infections occurring when the immune system is compromised or suppressed.

100+ immunoassays measuring endocrine system hormones available with plate-based options to meet your workflow needs.

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Energy Homeostasis in DiabetesEnergy Homeostasis in Diabetes
Biomarkers of Energy Homeostasis Brochure

Energy homeostasis is a focus of research into diabetes and obesity. Read about how our assays in this area can assist both academic and industry researchers.

Complement System SolutionsComplement System Solutions
Complement System Solutions for Drug Development and Clinical Research Datasheet

The complement system is essential to innate immunity from a variety of diseases. ALPCO’s full range of complement system immunoassays can drive discovery.

Melatonin ProductsMelatonin Products
Melatonin Products for Sleep Disorder-Related Research Datasheet

The melatonin hormone affects the circadian rhythm and sleep-wake cycle. Find out about our immunoassays and products that explore melatonin and sleep disorders.

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