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Targeted Solutions for Gastroenterology
April 18, 2024

Targeted Solutions for Gastroenterology

Accuracy, Menu, and Throughput to Meet Your Demands

ALPCO offers targeted GI solutions suitable for all types of labs. Our offerings range from plate-based to clinical chemistry analyzer-based and automated flash chemiluminescence solutions, all designed to accommodate your lab’s expanding testing needs and capabilities.

Targeted Solutions for Gastroenterology

Why Choose ALPCO?


Offering differentiated tests for a variety of GI needs, ALPCO’s menu focuses on testing for GI disorders such as IBD, IBS, pancreatic insufficiency, and more. Leveraging the comprehensive biomarker tests offered by ALPCO, institutions can easily bring GI testing in-house to help diagnose and monitor patients in a more timely way.


With tests like the Calprotectin Immunoturbidimetric, ALPCO offers some of the highest  sensitivity and specificity values for IBD versus non-IBD testing. These tests combine the superior accuracy physicians expect with high reproducibility and reliability, allowing labs to confidently integrate them into their workflow.


Since 1991, ALPCO has had worldwide operations acting as trusted partner for over 20 global distributor networks in the fields of clinical diagnostics and research. Our expertise encompasses gastroenterology, diabetes & obesity, and endocrinology.

Spotlight: Calprotectin Immunoturbidimetric Assay

Leverage the power of our FDA-Cleared Immunoturbidimetric (IT) Assay for fecal calprotectin designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing clinical chemistry analyzer. Experience a method that is not only time and cost-efficient, but also a viable alternative to conventional and send-out methodologies. The assay is intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), specifically Crohn’s disease (CD) and ulcerative colitis (UC), and as an aid in the differentiation of IBD from irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) in conjunction with other clinical and laboratory findings.

 Features and Benefits


With confidence in superior performance, clinicians can triage colonoscopies for patients that need it most, and rapidly start IBS patients on the right treatment path.

  • Clinical sensitivity of 90.5% - few false negatives
  • Clinical specificity of 93.4% - few false positives


Leverage the turn-around time and throughput of existing clinical chemistry analyzers, and increase menu and capacity with limited staffing.

  • Testing of >400 samples per hour††
  • Time to first result in 10 minutes††


Rely upon strong reproducibility and lot-to-lot consistency for high confidence in continually reporting accurate values.

  • Analytical Measuring Range (AMR) of  11 -10,000 µg/g†
  • Inter-lot variation (CV) of only 4.1%
  • Validated sample panel spanning the AMR for lot release testing


Enable efficient and cost-effective testing of low to high test volumes and increase value by converting calprotectin send-outs to in-house testing.

  • Compatible with most clinical chemistry analyzers
  • Universal stool extraction device
  • Only 2 non-reportables (controls) run per day

Reduce False Positives versus the Leading Immunoturbidimetric Competitor


Switching to ALPCO from the leading Calprotectin Immunoturbidimetric competitor enables reducing false positives by 19%. Clinicians can better evaluate IBD vs non-IBD patients, and schedule colonoscopies with people that need it the most in a overburdened healthcare system.*

Calprotectin Immunoturbidimetric Assay
Calprotectin Reagent Set
Calprotectin Calibrator Set
Calprotectin Control Set


“The assay hasn’t let us down and performs in a robust and reliable way. The very quick run times accommodate large batches with ease and efficiency.“ 
- Genova Diagnostics

† With automatic 1:10 dilution †† Based on Beckman AU680
*Data based on competitive 510(k), equivalent = positive.

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