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[Infographic] Biomarker Monitoring for the Management of Crohn’s Disease
February 7, 2024

[Infographic] Biomarker Monitoring for the Management of Crohn’s Disease

Download our infographic and gain a comprehensive overview of the AGA's guidelines, offering a new perspective on managing Crohn's Disease using biomarkers.


This infographic distills the essence of the new American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Clinical Practice Guideline on the Role of Biomarkers in Crohn's Disease (CD). It sheds light on the nuanced recommendations for using biomarkers to monitor and evaluate CD, emphasizing their value in conjunction with clinical symptoms. 


Key highlights include the guideline panel's 11 conditional recommendations, particularly focusing on the use of a biomarker- and symptom-based monitoring strategy. It clarifies the significance of fecal calprotectin and CRP levels in assessing disease activity and guiding the need for endoscopic evaluation.  


This infographic is not just a guide but a pathway to understanding the strategic use of biomarkers in various scenarios of CD management suggested by the AGA——from patients in symptomatic remission to those with moderate to severe symptoms and postoperative patients.

[Infographic] Biomarker Monitoring for the Management of Crohn’s Disease

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