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Webinar On Demand: Multiplex IgE Testing and Molecular Allergens
March 9, 2022

Webinar On Demand: Multiplex IgE Testing and Molecular Allergens

The ALEX2 ALLERGY XPLORER multiplex IgE panel enables screening of up to 300 environmental and food allergens with just 100 – 200µL of sample. Testing a large panel containing well-defined molecular components of allergens can identify sensitization to a wide range of allergens and also aid in the differentiation between an allergy that is specific to one allergen and one that is non-specific towards a molecular component found in multiple members of an allergen family. Dr. Harwanegg discusses:

  • The ALEX2 ALLERGY XPLORER IgE Panel, an ELISA-based IgE multiplex test
  • The production of molecular allergens
  • Advantages of molecular allergens vs. allergen extracts in allergy screening

Speaker  Dr. Christian Harwanegg, MBA

Christian Harwanegg, father of three daughters (soon to be four), studied Molecular Genetics at the University of Vienna, Austria. He left the solely academic playground early for his diploma work and joined a team of entrepreneurs in 1999 and graduated with a PhD in 2003. He has spent his entire professional education and career working in the development of all aspects of allergy testing in a multiplexed setup. Christian is the lead inventor of the globally marketed ImmunoCAP® ISAC® (Immuno Solid Phase Allergen Chip) technology, the first ever microarray-based allergy test. During his time working for Phadia and Thermo Fisher Scientific, he was responsible for strategy and development of new technologies in allergy and autoimmune diagnostics as well as cancer biomarker tests. To round up his technical education with business education, Christian obtained a Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Edinburgh Business School through distance learning, graduating with distinction in 2014. After leaving Thermo Fisher in 2015, he founded Macro Array Diagnostics (MADx) in early 2016, revamped his previous work and made it even better. Within a few years, MADx has become the global market leader in multiplex allergy diagnostics and is challenging the status quo of in-vitro diagnostics in the allergy field. MADx offers the most innovative products for lab customers and clinicians and provides the market with by far the largest panel of molecular allergens. MADx is present in more than 65 countries on five continents and employs more than 50 highly motivated and skilled staff members.

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