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Thunderbolt® Automated Color/Chemiluminescence ELISA System
April 29, 2022

Thunderbolt® Automated Color/Chemiluminescence ELISA System

ALPCO is now partnering with Gold Standard Diagnostics to provide laboratories with a fully automated benchtop system compatible with both colorimetric and chemiluminescence ELISAs. The Thunderbolt® System performs all operations, including pipetting, washing, and plate reading, for walk-away processing of up to 192 standards, controls, and samples (two 96-well plates) per run within a small 2’ x 2’ footprint.

Simple Sample and Reagent Loading

sliding sample and reagent racksTo help reduce errors and streamline setup, the Thunderbolt contains sliding sample and reagent racks. Adjustable sample holders accommodate 12 mm – 16 mm diameter sample tubes up to 100 mm tall, as well as ALPCO stool extraction devices, with positions for up to 192 samples. A bar code reader allows the user to place individual bar-coded samples in any order on a sample rack, slide the tray closed, and automatically scan for sample identification. The reagent rack provides positions for 16 different reagents. Adapters enable the user to take many reagent bottles from ALPCO kits and place them directly into the instrument, allowing labs to save on consumable costs.

Automated Liquid Handler with High-Precision Micro-Syringe

Thunderbolt Automated Liquid HandlerThe Thunderbolt is equipped with an automated liquid handler that performs operations such as sample dilutions, dispensing of samples and reagents, as well as plate washing. Every well is treated the same by the single probe liquid handler, providing consistent and reliable results. The probe’s micro-syringe accurately and precisely aspirates 1μL volumes at less than 3% CV. This enables the system to perform sample dilutions up to 1:100 directly in the plate wells, eliminating the need for extra pre-dilution steps for many assays.

Convection Incubator for Even Heating of Each Well

For assay protocol steps requiring specific temperatures, the Thunderbolt’s integrated forced convention incubator quickly and uniformly heats each well up to 40ºC. This design eliminates the edge effect commonly seen with traditional chamber incubators, allowing the system to deliver consistent results. Microtiter plates loaded into the system can be individually heated according to each assay’s procedure, allowing for the possibility of running two different assays simultaneously.

Orbital Shaker with No Spill Design

The Thunderbolt system also comes equipped with a fully integrated and automated orbital shaker capable of up to 900 RPMs. The no-spill design keeps fluids in the well while vigorously shaking, providing better reagent mixing and more consistent results.

Probe-Mounted Camera for Real-Time Monitoring and Remote Diagnostics

A probe-mounted camera inside the Thunderbolt allows labs to monitor internal operations in real-time. The camera and system logs enable Thunderbolt technicians to remotely resolve most problems for maximum instrument up-time.

Built-in Multi-Mode Reader for Colorimetric and Chemiluminescence Immunoassays

Thunderbolt Probe-Mounted Camera for Real-Time Monitoring and Remote DiagnosticsThe Thunderbolt contains an onboard combination spectrophotometer and luminescence reader to handle both colorimetric and chemiluminescence immunoassays. Plates are read within the system and are not removed until the entire assay process is complete. The spectrophotometer uses LEDs which provide multiple benefits including longer bulb life, less ambient heat, and more specific wavelengths. The luminescence reader enables labs to run ALPCO’s chemiluminescence assays, taking advantage of enhanced sensitivity with broad dynamic ranges. The multimode reader increases assay flexibility to better support a wide range of testing needs.

Open Platform System with User-Friendly Software

Thunderbolt Open Platform SystemThe Thunderbolt runs on open platform software that adapts to each laboratory’s needs, enabling maximum productivity. Intuitive operation allows for easy training and ongoing use. The Test Designer and Report Generator allow for the configuration of virtually any colorimetric or chemiluminescence assay protocol with custom output reports. Regression analysis includes point to point, linear regression, cubic spline, 4PL, 5PL, Lin-Lin, Lin-Log, and Log-Log representations. The software integrates with most LIS systems and provides a fully bidirectional interface.

On-Boarding Assistance

ALPCO has developed cooperative instrument evaluation and reagent rental programs to help lab directors implement the right automation solution in a cost-effective manner. Even small labs can decrease hands-on time and cut costs while increasing capacity and revenue with the use of a simple automation solution. Experienced ALPCO application scientists are available to assist with instrument training and assay validation.

Have specific questions? Contact ALPCO at 1-800-592-5726 or [email protected].

Thunderbolt® is a registered trademark of Gold Standard Diagnostics.