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Terminal Complement Complex (TCC) ELISA Now Available
February 4, 2022

Terminal Complement Complex (TCC) ELISA Now Available

ALPCO now offers an ELISA to measure the concentration of TCC (sC5b-9) levels in human plasma; an essential step to evaluate whether foreign materials in contact with blood are triggering an immune response. The Complement TCC ELISA is easy-to-use with a 2-hour incubation and reflects complement activation regardless of pathway. The Complement System TCC ELISA is a flexible and easy to use enzyme immunoassay for determination of the terminal complement complex (TCC, also known as sC5b-9) in human plasma. Key Features:
  • Broad Application: TCC is an universal complement activity marker that allows assessment of an activated complement system for conditions independent of activation pathway.
  • Simplified Workflow: The Complement System TCC assay include ready-to-use reagents and offers short incubation times reducing hands-on-time and simplifying workflows.
  • Well-published Biomarker: TCC has been used for over 30 years as a complement activity biomarker in research and drug development.
Download the TCC datasheet Learn more about this and other assays that explore every angle of complement system-involvement.