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Product Data: Total Proinsulin Chemiluminescence ELISA
March 20, 2024

Product Data: Total Proinsulin Chemiluminescence ELISA


ALPCO’s Total Proinsulin Chemiluminescence ELISA offers excellent sensitivity and the greatest dynamic range on the 
market. With no cross-reactivity to C-peptide or insulin and complete cross-reactivity to des(31,32) and des(64,65) 
proinsulin, the assay offers accurate and dependable detection of total proinsulin as low as 10 pg/mL in human serum, EDTA plasma, heparin plasma, and β-islet tissue culture supernatants.

Studies show that proinsulin is an important biomarker of β-cell function, an indirect predictor of insulin resistance, and an independent cardiovascular risk factor.1 Studies also suggest its potential as an early indicator of type 2 diabetes, where levels of intact proinsulin and intermediates (des-31,32) become disproportionately high in subjects with glucose intolerance.