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We began as a provider of immunoassays and over recent years have expanded our offerings to include HPLC and LC/MS-MS reagents, purified antibodies, recombinant proteins, flow cytometry reagents and chemiluminescent assays.

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Spectru™ Logo

Spectru™ was established in 2013 as our signature brand of flow cytometry products. The name abbreviates the word “spectrum,” (referring to the visual properties of flow cytometry testing), in a way that reveals the word “true” (which comments on the clarity of finding results). Also sounding like the word “specter,” Spectru™ embodies the idea of revealing information that was initially invisible.

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Stellux Logo

STELLUX® was introduced to the market in April 2013 as our chemiluminescent assay platform. The name is a term that merges the Latin words for “star” and “light” to describe the enzyme activated chemical reaction that occurs through chemiluminescence, literally bringing test results to light out of darkness.

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