Antibodies & Antigens

Our extensive selection of antibodies and antigens are validated for use in flow cytometry, immunohistochemistry, and more.

Allergy & Infectious Disease

Get the best testing solutions for the treatment, control and prevention of allergies and infectious disease conditions.

Bone Metabolism

Better understand the relationship between key regulators of bone metabolism.

CVD & Oxidative Health

Identify novel cardiovascular disease and oxidative health biomarkers.

Diabetes & Obesity

Gain a greater understanding of the conditions of diabetes and obesity.


Study the complex array of hormones and disorders associated with the endocrine system.


Delve deeper into gastroenterology and its related fields, in areas such as food intolerance, IBD and IBS.


Gain insight into the development and progression of immune responses.


Investigate neurological function, diseases and disorders of sensory information processing.


Achieve goals in advanced toxicological testing with preclinical, species-specific assays.