We understand our life science research customers’ need for accurate, reproducible and reliable data while conducting investigational testing. In order to support these goals, we offer differentiated products and solutions. These vital tools coupled with our personalized support and service demonstrate our dedication to the advancement of research within the life science community.

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The marked quality, consistency, and variety of ALPCO kits, in addition to excellent customer service, are a hallmark of this outstanding company. I find the kits to be reasonably priced and readily available, while the kit inserts provide cogent, understandable information to expedite sample processing. Customer service is simply top shelf. In a recent emergency situation in our laboratory ALPCO service representatives worked above and beyond the call to insure rapid delivery of important kits that, in turn, permitted us to accurately assay precious time-sensitive samples. Robert T. Dauchy, Tulane University School of Medicine, Manager, Laboratory for Chrono-Neuroendocrine Onco
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Great products, great service, competitive price. When I had a complaint about an ELISA kit, there was no hassle. The competent people at ALPCO fixed the problem in one (!) day with no work for me and added some make up free kits too. Both thumbs up, keep it up, ALPCO! Holger Russ, PhD, UCSF
ALPCO has been my supplier for a number of specialty items for a while now, and I am very satisfied with their products and consistently excellent customer service. My questions and concerns, no matter how big or small, always get a quick response. We recently brought a new assay online and it was extremely valuable having the great communication and assistance that we did in getting kits onsite, especially when time was a factor. Pairing that with a robust website and reasonable pricing keeps me coming back. Thanks for all the work that you do, it makes a difference. Donald Shultz, Covance CLS, Technologist, Analytical Chemistry
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We have used ALPCO for several years for all of our ELISA kit needs. Their selection, quality and customer service have truly been outstanding during that time. I especially appreciate how quickly they reply to e-mail inquiries with product availability, quotes and/or suggestions. The Technical Sales Associates that I have communicated with seem very well educated, trained and eager to help with any and all questions we may have. I have highly recommended ALPCO to several of our colleagues. Christopher Rasmussen, Texas A&M University, Research Associate, Exercise & Sport Nutrition Lab
We are very happy to be working with ALPCO. We always receive quick responses to our inquiries when we contact them. The sales team is knowledgeable about their products, and they understand our needs. Over the years, we have had a good working relationship with ALPCO, and we look forward to continue working with them in the future. Yuzhen Tao, Lady Davis Institute, McGill University, Lab Supervisor
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