ALPCO Releases a New Broad Range Periostin ELISA

ALPCO is now offering a new broad range Periostin ELISA that has been optimized to detect all known splicing forms of human periostin. The Periostin ELISA is highly characterized with a full validation package, and offers great reproducibility and precision. Not only are all standards and controls included with the kit, but it can be automated, making the assay both cost effective and flexible for users in any lab. The range of the assay is 20-4000 pmol/L, allowing researchers to measure elevated levels of periostin if necessary.

“Unlike other kits on the market, our broad range Periostin ELISA can measure elevated levels of periostin that are consistent with current research,” explains ALPCO’s President, Sean Conley. “This in addition to the kit’s flexibility allow bone metabolism investigators to confidently carry out their research on either automated or manual systems in their labs.”

The Periostin ELISA is for Research Use Only in the United States and should not be used in diagnostic procedures. The sensitivity of the assay is 20 pmol/L and requires 150 µL of human citrate, EDTA or heparin plasma, as well as human serum.

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