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What is Chemiluminescence?

Chemiluminescence is the emission of light (luminescence), or heat as the result of a chemical reaction. STELLUX® assays utilize GLOW chemiluminescence using enzymes and substrates that generate light from an enzyme mediated chemical reaction. Several different chemical reactants/reactions produce luminescence (1,2-dioxetanes, luminols, acridinium esters, etc.).

Glow vs. Flash Chemiluminescence:

  • Intensity/Time profile consists of an initial rise period and prolong emission
  • Provides greater flexibility in measurement process (standard ELISA plate readers)
  • Light intensity at any time point through the plateau can be related to the amount of analyte
  • Biotin/Streptavidin reaction dramatically increases sensitivity

The platform features include:

  • Broad dynamic range
  • Superior sensitivity, dilutional linearity, precision and accuracy
  • Smaller sample volumes
  • Less background
  • Performance data, including lot validation package


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