ALPCO and InSphero Partner to Offer a Complete Solution to Assess Beta-cell Function in Islet Microtissue Culture Models

July 23, 2018

ALPCO recently announced its partnership with InSphero, AG to provide customers with a complete solution to assess beta-cell function in islet microtissue culture models. InSphero’s 3D InSight™ Diabetes Discovery Platform offers users a comprehensive beta-cell function application suite with all required materials to quantify insulin secretion from 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues, including ALPCO’s validated STELLUX® Chemiluminescent Insulin ELISA.

InSphero Group Head of Islet Solutions Dr. Burcak Yesildag says, “Robust and accurate quantification of insulin secretion from single 3D InSight™ Islet Microtissues requires a highly sensitive method. We prefer ALPCO’s STELLUX® Chemiluminescent ELISA because it combines the high sensitivity and broad dynamic range necessary for our model, and requires only a small sample size, thus preserving precious islet material and enabling multiparametric endpoint analysis.”

Dr. Yesildag’s product development team rigorously tested various insulin ELISAs on the market and the STELLUX® ELISA technology met all their criteria for certification.

“Our ongoing partnership with InSphero further exemplifies our dedication to advance metabolic disease research by offering solutions for better insights at early development stages,” added ALPCO President Sean Conley.

ALPCO and InSphero are also currently working to test and validate more STELLUX® Chemiluminescent ELISAs to potentially include in the 3D InSight™ Diabetes Discovery Platform and further promote the advancement of early stage metabolic disease research.