ALPCO Announces its January 2019 Diabetes Research Travel Grant Recipient

February 5, 2019

ALPCO announced the latest recipient of its Young Investigator Award, the Diabetes Travel Grant. The grant was created to help advance progressive diabetes and obesity research by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early stage investigators. The program seeks to stimulate and reward research applicable to the investigation and potential development of diabetes and obesity treatments, therapies and/or innovations.

The award, featuring the Diabetes Research Travel Grant, was presented to Lisa Volpatti from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Ms. Volpatti’s work with microgel encapsulated nanoparticles for glucose-responsive insulin delivery has the potential to better mimic the function of a healthy pancreas and limit the occurrence of hypoglycemic events. Her development of biomaterial systems is a significant advancement in the precise regulation of blood sugar levels for the treatment of diabetes.

“ALPCO’s Young Investigator Award continues to recognize and reward exceptional investigators working to innovate diabetes research,” explains ALPCO’s president, Sean Conley. “We found Ms. Volpatti’s work aligned with future methods of insulin therapies and improving quality of life for people living with this challenging disease.”

You can learn more about Ms. Volpatti’s ongoing research at