ALPCO Announces Inaugural Young Investigators Award Recipient

October 17, 2018

ALPCO has announced the first recipient of its new young investigators award, the Diabetes Research Travel Grant. The grant was created to help advance progressive diabetes and obesity research by graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and early stage investigators. The program seeks to stimulate and reward research applicable to the investigation and eventual development of diabetes and obesity treatments, therapies and/or innovations.

ALPCO awarded its inaugural Diabetes Research Travel Grant to Stephen M. Grote from the Saint Louis University School of Medicine. Mr. Grote’s work with the novel peptide neuronostatin shows great promise to the diabetes research community. His research suggests that neuronostatin has an effect on glucagon synthesis and release, while also proposing that the peptide may have therapeutic potential in the treatment and prevention of hypoglycemia and alpha cell dysfunction in diabetes.

“We created the Diabetes Research Travel Grant to recognize innovative young investigators working at the forefront of diabetes research,” explains ALPCO’s president, Sean Conley. “We found Mr. Grote’s work on neuronostatin to be not only compelling, but also in alignment with future insights into the therapeutic potential of the peptide which could significantly reduce the occurrence of hypoglycemic events.”

Visit our Diabetes Research Travel Grant page learn more about Stephen’s work.